Salih Mustafa was allegedly the Commander of a BIA guerrilla unit, which operated within the Llap Operational Zone of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). The indictment charges him with crimes committed by certain KLA members against persons detained at the detention compound in the village of Zllash, located in the Gollak region in Kosovo. The evidentiary proceedings in this case were closed on 20 June 2022 and the closing statements took place from 13 until 15 September 2022. The trial judgment was pronounced on 16 December 2022: The Trial Panel found the accused guilty of the war crimes of arbitrary detention, torture and murder and sentenced him to a prison sentence of 26 years. There were 8 participating victims in this case. The pronouncement of the reparation order in respect of victims in this case is scheduled for 6 April 2022. On 2 February 2023, Mustafa's Defence filed (confidentially) its notice of appeal against the judgment. The Pre-Appeal Conference took place on 16 February 2023.