18 May 2018

Mr Pietro Spera, a national of Italy, has been appointed as Ombudsperson for the Specialist Chambers and the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. Mr Spera has almost 30 years of professional experience...Read more

11 May 2018

Today, Friday 11 May, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) added the names of Counsel to the Lists, in addition to Counsel who are already admitted. Being on those Lists enables...Read more

07 May 2018

Jack Smith, a US prosecutor with experience in both high-level political investigations and international criminal investigations, has been appointed Specialist Prosecutor after a selection...Read more

07 May 2018

In relation to today’s appointment of Mr Jack Smith to the position of Specialist Prosecutor in accordance with the Law on Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office...Read more

26 Apr 2018

Today, representatives of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers spoke at a lecture for law students at Prizren University, discussing with students and professors legal questions...Read more

25 Apr 2018

Today, a group from the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, which included the Heads of the Public Information and Communications Unit and Victims’ Participation Office, and the...Read more