The right to legal representation before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers is fundamental to the fair trial guarantees enshrined in the Kosovo Constitution and the Law on the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (‘Law’).

Those persons who are entitled to legal representation and demonstrate that they cannot afford to pay for it, in full or in part, will be provided with legal aid to pay for Counsel who are professionally qualified to be on the Lists of Counsel.

All Counsel before the Kosovo Specialist Chambers are required to comply with the requirements of the Directive on Counsel and the Code of Professional Conduct. Counsel are required to fulfil the requirements for admission to the Lists of Counsel.

Defence Counsel

Both suspects and accused have a right to Counsel. The Defence Office (‘DO’), which is part of the Registry, supports judicial proceedings by administering a List of Counsel and a system of legal aid for suspects and accused. More information about the rights of suspects and accused can be found here and here

Victims’ Counsel

Victims participating in proceedings are also entitled to Counsel. The Victims’ Participation Office (‘VPO’), which is part of the Registry, administers the system of victims’ participation as well as a List of Counsel and a system of payment for victims’ representation. You can find more information about victims’ participation here and here

Duty Counsel

The right to Counsel is also protected through Duty Counsel. Duty Counsel is available on short notice and may be assigned by the Registrar in urgent matters and for a limited period.