KSC-BC-2018-01 (temporary case number)
Isni Kilaj was arrested on 2 November 2023 in Kosovo and transferred to the KSC Detention Unit on 3 November 2023. Kilaj’s first appearance before the Single Judge was held on 4 November 2023, in accordance with Article 41 of the Law and Rule 55 of the Rules. The SPO submitted an initial indictment against Kilaj for confirmation on 15 December 2023, followed by a revised indictment on 11 March 2024. On 2 May 2024, the SPO requested the suspension of the revised indictment to submit another amended version for confirmation. Taking into account these developments, as well as Kilaj's presumption of innocence and right to liberty, among other factors, KSC Single Judge Nicolas Guillou determined that extending Kilaj's detention would be unreasonable. As a result, he ordered Kilaj's release in Kosovo under strict conditions on 15 May 2024. On 18 July 2024, the SPO notified the Pre-Trial Judge that it has filed an amended indictment.
Sabit Januzi and Ismet Bahtijari were arrested in Kosovo on 5 October and transferred to the KSC Detention Unit on 6 October 2023.Haxhi Shala was arrested in Kosovo on 11 December and transferred to the KSC Detention Unit on 12 December 2023. On 13 December 2023, the SPO filed a request to join the cases against Januzi and Bahtijari (KSC-BC-2023-10) with the case against Haxhi Shala (KSC-BC-2023-11). On 8 February 2024, the Pre-Trial Judge granted the SPO request for the joinder of these two cases and determined that the joint case will be renamed The Specialist Prosecutor v. Sabit Januzi, Ismet Bahtijari and Haxhi Shala and will have the case number KSC-BC-2023-10.