The particular temporary nature and the specific needs of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office do not allow for providing contracted staff with permanent employment and this is reflected in the level of remuneration.

Employment contracts for contracted staff are only concluded for a fixed term. They are normally granted for a one year period but may be issued for a different period for operational needs. 

Salary Category

Each post is designated a category and grade. All contracted employees commence on Step 1 of that category and grade.


Contracted employees will receive a Gross Basic Salary plus a Post Adjustment Allowance that corresponds to each category and grade.

Seconded Staff (other than those from a Contributing Third State*) receive a daily allowance from the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Prosecutor's Office.

Working Hours

A regular working week will consist of 40 working hours. In principle, working hours will be from 08:30 to 17:30 hours Monday through Friday. This schedule includes a one hour lunch break.

Expenses and Allowances (relates only to contracted staff)

The Employee may be entitled to receive the cost of transport from/to his/her permanent (fiscal) residence to/from the place of employment when taking up duty for the first time and upon separation from service.

Where applicable, the Employee shall receive a removal allowance of 50% of one monthly basic gross salary providing that he/she is obliged to change his/her permanent place of residence in order to reside in the country or territory of deployment.

Beyond the removal allowance, no reimbursement of expenses incurred in respect of removal of furniture and personal effects, including the cost of insurance against ordinary risks (breakage, theft, fire), shall be effected.

The Employee shall, for each six months served in a position, be entitled to reimbursement of the cost of transport (one return journey) from the place of employment to his/her country of permanent residence.

Annual Leave (AL) and Compensatory Time Off (CTO)

All Employees are entitled to an Annual Leave (AL) of 2.5 working days per completed month of service. Official holidays shall not be charged to annual leave.

In the interest of the service, the Employee shall be entitled to Compensatory Time off (CTO) of 1 working day per completed month of service.

Other Leave

Other leave such as sick leave, compassionate leave, maternity and parental leave are all in accordance with the Staff Rules of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Prosecutor's Office. 

Medical Insurance Scheme

During the contract period, all staff members (except those from Contributing Third States) shall participate in the organisation's medical insurance scheme. Family members of the staff member may join these schemes at their own cost.

Provident Fund

The Contracted staff members shall participate in a provident fund scheme. A deduction of approx. 7.9%  from the gross salary each month will be the staff member's contribution to the fund. The Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office contributes to the fund by adding approx. 15.7% of each staff member's gross salary.

Upon separation from service that exceeded a period of 4 months, or earlier if for health reasons, the staff member receives the full amount held in the staff member’s name by the provident fund minus the appropriate administrative expenses incurred by the provident fund. If they have been in service less than 4 months, the staff member receives upon separation their contribution only to the provident fund minus the administrative expenses that the provident fund incurred.

Privileges and Immunities

Privileges and immunities granted to the Employee under the applicable law are enjoyed by the Employee solely for the purposes of the performance of his/her duties and do not exempt him/her from fulfilling his/her private obligations or from complying with the laws and police regulations in force. When privileges and immunities are in dispute, the Employee shall immediately inform the Employer.


The information provided is solely for the general guidance and information of prospective staff members and can be changed without prior notice.