From 5th to 8th February 2018, the KSC continued consultations with non-governmental and other civil society organisations in Kosovo, as previously announced during the visit of President Trendafilova to Kosovo in November 2017. The consultations with Kosovo NGOs are a central part of the KSC outreach programme funded by the Swiss government.

The outreach consultations focused on the views from NGO’s and on ways to build partnerships with local organizations and disseminate information on the work of the KSC. The aim is to strengthen direct communication with Kosovo society through an information network reaching out to civil society, youth, legal professionals, media and others.

Over the next two years, the KSC will reinforce its presence in Kosovo through frequent consultations with organisations, information sessions with journalists and others, lectures for students and legal professionals, town hall meetings and panel discussions, as well as regular distribution of information through newsletters and media. 

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