Today, Friday, 4 October 2019, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) added additional names to the Lists of Counsel. Counsel who have been admitted to the lists are eligible to appear before the KSC to represent suspects, accused, a group of victims or any other person who is entitled to legal representation in accordance with the Law on the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and the Directive on Counsel. The public Lists of Counsel contain the names of 164 legal practitioners from Kosovo, Serbia and a number of other countries. Counsel can choose whether they want their names publicly mentioned on the website of the KSC.

This is the fifth round of announcements. The public Lists of Counsel are published here.

Since November 2017, when the Directive on Counsel was adopted, the Defence Office and the Victims’ Participation Office have received numerous applications. The lists remain open for new applications from Counsel and the process of review and admission of requests is ongoing. More applicants will be admitted as the review process continues and the Lists of Counsel will be continuously updated.

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