Haxhi SHALA has been arrested in Kosovo by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO), pursuant to an arrest warrant and transfer order issued by a Pre-Trial Judge of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.

He has been transferred to the Detention Facilities of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague and will appear before a Pre-Trial Judge of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers without undue delay.

The arrest warrant relates to offences against the administration of justice.

The European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) provided operational and logistic support to the SPO in line with its mandate and in accordance with the Kosovo legislation. The Kosovo Police also provided operational support to the SPO.

The SPO takes obstruction of justice extremely seriously and will continue to investigate and to prosecute anyone and everyone involved in every instance, including those who intimidate or interfere with witnesses or provide financial or other support to such criminal offences.

Following Mr Shala’s arrest, Specialist Prosecutor Kimberly West affirmed that the protection of witnesses remains a priority for the SPO.

“Making sure Kosovo citizens can speak truthfully and without harassment about their experiences is of great importance not only for this institution’s ability to do justice, but also for the rule of law in Kosovo,” Ms West said. “The SPO will continue to do all in its power to protect victims and witnesses and hold accountable those who violate Kosovo’s laws for their own private interests.”

Specialist Prosecutor's Office