Dr Fidelma Donlon was appointed Registrar of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in April 2016, an appointment which marked the commencement of the work of this institution. The Registrar heads the Registry, the organ responsible for the administration and servicing of the Specialist Chambers and all necessary and affiliated functions, including judicial support services and co-operation with States and other entities in these areas.

In relation to her appointment Dr Donlon stated: "It is an honour and privilege to serve as Registrar of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. A well-functioning Registry is one of the crucial components of an efficient court. I am dedicated to fulfilling of the Chamber's mandate and facilitating secure, impartial and fair criminal proceedings before the Chambers."

Dr Donlon previously headed the Specialist Chambers and Registry Court Planning Team, a small team of professionals handling the preparatory work for the establishment of the Specialist Chambers. She is an experienced lawyer and was Deputy Registrar at various criminal tribunals around the world. More on Dr Donlon's background can be found in her  biography.

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