On 15 and 16 March 2018, the Judges of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers convened in The Hague on the occasion of the third Plenary.

Following the adoption, review and entry into force of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence during the first and second Plenary in 2017, the Judges created conditions for the Specialist Chambers to be fully judicially operational in July 2017. As the Rules are yet to be tested in practice, it was not necessary at this point in time to propose and discuss any amendments to the Rules.

During the Plenary, the Judges were informed about activities performed by the Registry throughout the past year, further ensuring the smooth implementation of the mandate of the Specialist Chambers. In their discussions, the Judges focussed on the milestones ahead.

In accordance with the Law on the Specialist Chamber and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, all Specialist Chambers Judges form part of a Roster, but receive no remuneration or benefit from this mere fact. In addition, they are only present at the seat of the Specialist Chambers as necessary at the request of the President, to exercise functions requiring their presence. This is the case for Plenaries, the purpose of which is to allow for discussions between Judges and which usually take place in their presence at the premises of the Specialist Chambers.


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