With regard to today’s solemn declaration of Mr Jack Smith and his taking of office as Specialist Prosecutor, the President of the Specialist Chambers, Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova stated:

“On behalf of the Specialist Chambers, I welcomed Mr Smith to his appointment to the position of Specialist Prosecutor. The Judges of the Specialist Chambers have been ready since the entry into force of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence to address any filing of the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office. I am confident that with the arrival of Mr Smith, the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office will further advance the fulfilment of its mandate towards the timely initiation of proceedings. I look forward to good institutional relations with the Specialist Prosecutor in the interests of effective, fair and secure proceedings, justice and accountability.”

President Trendafilova reiterated her gratitude towards Mr Kwai Hong Ip, the Deputy Specialist Prosecutor, who ensured the continuity of the work of the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office up until today.

Specialist Chambers