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E.g., 29/11/2021
Wednesday 17 November, 2021 18:15

Mustafa trial adjourned for today

The trial will resume tomorrow morning at 09:30.

Wednesday 17 November, 2021 15:45

Gucati&Haradinaj trial: courtroom calendar for December confirmed

As announced in our Court Calendar, the Defence preparation conference in the Gucati&Haradinaj trial is scheduled for 2 and 3 December, tentatively followed by the start of the Defence case on 6 December.

Wednesday 17 November, 2021 14:00

Mustafa trial: new SPO witness

Witness W04676, the 7th SPO witness in the Mustafa trial, has commenced the testimony.

Wednesday 17 November, 2021 13:00

Mustafa trial starts at 13:00

The trial against Mustafa will commence at 13:00 today (or 13:45 via the online stream).

Wednesday 17 November, 2021 09:30

Mustafa trial to start later than scheduled today

Due to technical issues, the start of the Mustafa trial today will be delayed. We will inform as soon as we know when the trial will commence.   

Tuesday 16 November, 2021 17:15

Shala case: corrected indictment filed

As per the decision of the pre-trial Judge on 18 October 2021, the Specialist Prosecution today filed a public redacted version of the corrected indictment in the Shala case. The new indictment is available here.

Thursday 11 November, 2021 16:15

Mustafa trial adjourned for the week

The trial against Salih Mustafa is adjourned for the week and the session, scheduled for tomorrow, is cancelled.  The trial will resume on Wednesday, 17 November, at 09:30.

Thursday 11 November, 2021 10:30

Mustafa trial: witness W04669 resumes testimony

The SPO’s sixth witness W04669 resumes his testimony in the Mustafa trial. The Victims’ Counsel is currently putting questions to him.

Wednesday 10 November, 2021 17:15

SPO closes its case against Gucati&Haradinaj

Today, 10 November, the Specialist Prosecutor’s office closed its case against Gucati and Haradinaj. The notification is here.

Wednesday 10 November, 2021 13:00

Gucati&Haradinaj: 6 December tentative date for the start of Defence case

The Trial Panel in the Gucati&Haradinaj case today tentatively set the date for the opening of the Defence case to 6 December, preceded by the Defence preparation conference on 2-3 December 2021. Furthermore, the SPO is directed to submit a notification formally closing its case by 10 November while the Defence is expected to file their motions to dismiss any or all charges, pursuant to Rule 130, by 17 November. The order is available in the KSC Public Court Records.