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Monday 27 November, 2023 11:00

Shala trial: New Defence witness testifying

Expert witness Andre De Villiers Horne is now testifying for the Shala Defence. This is the 8th Defence witness so far.

Friday 24 November, 2023 10:45

Shala trial adjourned for the week/resumes on 27 November

Following the completion of the testimony of Defence witness Time Kadrijaj, the trial against Shala adjourned for the week. It will resume on Monday, 27 November, at 09:30, when the testimony of another Defence witness is expected to commence.

Friday 24 November, 2023 10:15

Shala trial: witness Kadrijaj resumes testimony

Defence’s 7th witness Time Kadrijaj resumed her testimony this morning.

Thursday 23 November, 2023 18:00

Trial Panel issues Interim Decision on communications and visits for three detainees

Following the SPO’s request in The Specialist Prosecutor v. Hashim Thaçi et al. for modification of the conditions of detention, Trial Panel II has ordered on an interim basis several temporary restrictions on the communications and visits that Hashim Thaçi, Kadri Veseli, and Rexhep Selimi may receive. The Panel has determined that these restrictions are appropriate given the risk of unlawful disclosure of confidential information from the detention facilities. The restrictions will remain temporary until the Panel issues a full decision on the merits of the SPO’s request in due course.

The interim decision can be found here.

Thursday 23 November, 2023 16:30

Shala trial will last longer today (23/11/2023)

Today’s hearing in the Shala case will continue for longer than scheduled - it is expected to last until 16:30 (live) or 17:15 (delayed feed).

Thursday 23 November, 2023 14:30

KSC Weekly Press Briefing on 23 November 2023: transcript

Here is the transcript of today's KSC Weekly Press Briefing.

KSC Spokesperson Michael Doyle

the archive of all previous press briefings is available on this page and the video files can be found on our youtube channel 

Thursday 23 November, 2023 14:30

Shala trial: 7th Defence witness commences testimony

Following the completion of the testimony of witness Safete Hadergjonaj earlier today, the Shala Defence called its next witness this afternoon. This is Time Kadrijaj, who is the 7th Defence witness so far.  

Thursday 23 November, 2023 13:15

Shala trial today: update

Today’s hearing in the Shala case will resume at 13:30 (or at 14:15 in the delayed stream online).

Thursday 23 November, 2023 12:30

KSC President formally warned Haradinaj’s counsel re. professional ethics

As provided for by Rule 63(1) of the Rules, KSC President Ekaterina Trendafilova, on 22 November 2023, formally warned Toby Cadman, Counsel for Nasim Haradinaj, after he disclosed confidential information to media. Cadman gave an interview to a Kosovo outlet in November and revealed information that was redacted in the publicly available decision from 17 October related to the modification of Nasim Haradinaj’s sentence. Since Cadman was reminded of his obligations in this respect but has nevertheless disclosed the confidential information, President Trendafilova considered it necessary to formally warn him as his act demonstrated a failure to meet the standard of professional ethnics. The President also reminded Cadman of his obligations as specified in the Code of Professional Conduct as well as about further steps that may be undertaken if he does not adhere to his professional obligations as Counsel practicing before the Specialist Chambers.

Here is the full decision.

Thursday 23 November, 2023 11:15

Shala trial: the first break will last longer than announced

Please be informed that the current break (which started at 10:15 live or at 11:00 in the delayed online feed) will last longer than announced. We will inform about any updates in this respect.