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E.g., 07/10/2022
Thursday 15 September, 2022 17:00

Mustafa trial: closing statements completed/judgment in due course

During her statement on reparations today, the Victims’ Counsel in the Mustafa case asked the Trial Panel to order the accused to pay compensation to the participating victims in this case individually as well as the forfeiture of any assets used for or deriving from the commission of any established crimes. The closing statements in this case are completed, which marks the end of this trial. The Panel will render its judgment in due course. The hearing scheduled for tomorrow, 16 September, is cancelled.

Thursday 15 September, 2022 12:45

Defence’s closing statement completed, seeks acquittal on all counts for Mustafa

At the end of its closing statement today, Salih Mustafa’s Defence asked the Trial Panel to acquit the accused of all the charges. The hearing resumes with the responses by the SPO and the Victims’ Counsel.

Thursday 15 September, 2022 12:15

Transmission of Shala case file to Trial Panel on 21 September

The Pre-Trial Judge today, 15 September, notified the President that the case file in the case against Pjetër Shala  will be ready for transmission to the Trial Panel on 21 September 2022.

Thursday 15 September, 2022 09:30

Thaci et al: PT Judge’s decision re. disclosure

On 26 August 2022, the Pre-Trial Judge in the Thaci et al. case rejected the requests by the Thaci and Krasniqi Defence in relation to an alleged non-compliance with disclosure obligations on the part of the SPO. Finding that the Defence’s requests do not amount to a non-compliance of the SPO disclosure obligations under Rule 103 of the Rules, Judge Guillou nevertheless strongly urged the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office to abide by its obligation regarding the disclosure of exculpatory materials and to prioritize disclosure of such material over other competing deadlines and materials. Furthermore, the SPO is ordered to provide a disclosure report, by 7 October, with the explanation about the difficulties faced in fulfilling its Rule 103 disclosure obligations.  More details in the public redacted version of the decision, filed on 13 September.  

Wednesday 14 September, 2022 18:30

KSC Weekly Press Briefing on 15 September

Another KSC weekly press briefing will take place on Thursday, 15 September at 14:30. During this briefing, the KSC Spokespersons will provide a short update on the latest developments in the judicial proceedings before the KSC, as well as on other public activities of the Court. Journalists will have the opportunity to ask questions. Pre-registration is required to attend each briefing. To pre-register, please send an email with name and affiliation to [email protected]. Deadline for pre-registration is every Thursday at 12:00. The Zoom details will be shared following pre-registration. Recordings of the update provided during the Weekly Press Briefings will be made available on the KSC YouTube Channel.

Wednesday 14 September, 2022 18:15

Mustafa trial: Defence resumes its statement tomorrow

Today’s hearing in the Mustafa trial has completed. The Defence of Salih Mustafa will resume with its closing statement tomorrow (15 September) morning at 09:30, followed by the comments and responses of the parties, potential questions by the Panel and the statements on reparations.

Wednesday 14 September, 2022 12:30

Defence makes closing statement in the Mustafa trial

The presentation of the closing statement by the Defence of Salih Mustafa has commenced.

Wednesday 14 September, 2022 10:15

Mustafa: Victims’ Counsel presents closing statement

Victims’ Counsel Anni Pues is now presenting her closing statement in the Mustafa trial.

Tuesday 13 September, 2022 16:15

SPO’s closing statement completed, seeks conviction on all counts for Mustafa

During its closing statement today, the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office asked the Trial Panel to find Mustafa guilty of each of the crimes charged and impose a single sentence of 35 years’ imprisonment. The hearing is adjourned for today. The Victims’ Counsel and the Defence will make their statements tomorrow.

Tuesday 13 September, 2022 10:15

Mustafa trial: Parties begin with closing statements

The SPO is making its closing statement in the Mustafa trial today. Subsequently, the Victims’ Counsel and the Defence are expected to present their closing statements tomorrow, Wednesday, (14 September), followed by the responses, potential questions from the Panel and the statements on reparations on 15 September. The session on 16 September is scheduled as a reserve day and will take place only in case of need.