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E.g., 05/06/2023
Friday 2 June, 2023 16:45

Shala trial adjourned for the week

The trial will resume on Monday, 5 June, at 09:30.

Friday 2 June, 2023 14:15

Judge Stensland re-elected presiding Judge of the KSC Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court

In a decision issued on 1 June 2023, the Judges of the Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court (SCCC), in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for the SCCC, decided to elect Judge Vidar Stensland as Presiding Judge of the SCCC for a term of one year commencing on 1 June 2023.

Friday 2 June, 2023 10:30

New Specialist Prosecutor

Following the appointment of new Specialist Prosecutor Kimberly West, we issued two Press Releases today, which can be read here.

Friday 2 June, 2023 10:15

Shala trial: 7th SPO witness resumes testimony

SPO’s protected witness TW4-01 resumes his testimony in the Shala trial. He is currently being cross-examined by the Defence.

Thursday 1 June, 2023 14:30

KSC Weekly Press Briefing on 1 June 2023: transcript

Here is the transcript of today's KSC Weekly Press Briefing.

KSC Spokesperson Angela Griep

the archive of all previous press briefings is available on this page and the video files can be found on our youtube channel 

Wednesday 31 May, 2023 17:30

KSC Weekly Press Briefing on 1 June

Another KSC weekly press briefing will take place on Thursday, 1 June at 14:30. During this briefing, the KSC Spokespersons will provide a short update on the latest developments in the judicial proceedings before the KSC, as well as on other public activities of the Court. Journalists will have the opportunity to ask questions. Pre-registration is required to attend each briefing. To pre-register, please send an email with name and affiliation to [email protected]. Deadline for pre-registration is every Thursday at 12:00. The Zoom details will be shared following pre-registration. Recordings of the update provided during the Weekly Press Briefings will be made available on the KSC YouTube Channel.

Wednesday 31 May, 2023 17:15

Shala trial: no hearing tomorrow, trial resumes Friday

Today’s hearing in the Shala case has adjourned. The trial will resume on Friday, 2 June, and the hearing, previously scheduled for tomorrow (1 June) is cancelled.

Wednesday 31 May, 2023 16:15

Shala trial will last longer today

Today’s hearing in the Shala case will continue for longer than scheduled - it is expected to last until 16:30 (live) or 17:15 (delayed feed).

Wednesday 31 May, 2023 10:30

Shala trial: 7th SPO witness continues testimony

Prosecution resumes direct examination of its protected witness TW4-01.

Tuesday 30 May, 2023 11:00

Shala trial: next SPO witness testifying

Another protected witness has commenced testimony in the Shala trial this morning. The witness with the pseudonym TW4-01 is the 7th SPO witness so far. The Panel announced that, due to the protection of the witness’ identity and his well-being, it is envisaged that his testimony will be given to a large extent in private session. The Panel also said that, following the completion of the evidence of this witness, the transcript of his testimony will be revised in due course and will be made public, as much as possible.