On 23 November 2017, as part of her first visit to Kosovo as President of the Specialist Chambers, Judge Ekaterina Trendafilova, together with the Registrar, Dr Fidelma Donlon, as part of the Specialist Chambers’ outreach activities, held an information session with the representatives of Kosovo civil society.

During the two-and-a-half hour meeting in Pristina, covered by the media, the President and the Registrar made presentations on the structure, recent legal developments and work of the Specialist Chambers. They heard opinions from members of civil society about the work of the Specialist Chambers, answered any questions and discussed all issues raised.   

President Trendafilova expressed how pleased she was to be in Pristina and announced the preparation of similar events in Kosovo in the future. During the event, President Trendafilova emphasised the determination of the Specialist Chambers to ensure safe, independent, impartial, fair and efficient proceedings, in full respect of the rights of suspects, accused and victims. She also stressed that the Specialist Chambers are devising a robust system of measures to ensure the safety, well-being, dignity and privacy of witnesses and victims.

President Trendafilova thanked the Swiss Government for its pledge to support the Court’s Outreach Programme over the next two years saying that it presents an invaluable contribution to the outreach efforts of the Specialist Chambers to establish direct communication with the relevant audience in Kosovo and the region. The Registrar noted that early in the new year the Specialist Chambers will hold consultations to receive feedback on topics and audiences of its future outreach.


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