Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) President Ekaterina Trendafilova and Registrar Dr Fidelma Donlon took part in an interactive Outreach event with civil society and journalists in Mitrovica today, where they explained the activities of the court and how it is ensuring fair, impartial, independent and secure proceedings. Participants expressed their views and asked questions during the meeting.

The KSC has been conducting Outreach with people in communities across Kosovo since the start of its work. During their first visit since the start of proceedings, the President and Registrar felt it was vitally important to continue the practice of going to where people live to make the court and its work accessible to the public.

In order to comply with the current COVID-19 measures and ensure safe participation for everyone, participants engaged in the event both in-person and online.

At the meeting, the President spoke about the history of the establishment of the court and the current stage of proceedings. The President was grateful to be given the opportunity to talk about the court and answer questions. To this end, she emphasized that the court remains committed to communicating in an open and transparent manner about the work of the institution and its proceedings.

The Registrar spoke about the robust system of witness protection in place, victims’ participation and how the Registry ensures the management of detention facilities in line with all international standards.

“Victims can continue to apply to participate in proceedings and I assure everyone that the application process is confidential and secure. The Victims’ Participation Office stands ready to assist and answer any questions in confidence,” the Registrar said.

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