General information

The Public Court Records database (PCR) is the only official public repository that contains case/ file-related records of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers. The repository contains all filings, such as motions, indictments or decisions and, where applicable, annexes to such records that bear the classification PUBLIC. Additionally, the public versions of the transcripts of court proceedings are also available. The web address for the PCR is: 

Please note basic legal documents such as the Law on Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence before the KSC*, and other basic documents such as regulations and Practice Directions are available on this page of the KSC website.

*The Rules of Procedure for the Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court are also available on the PCR under case numbers: KSC-CC-PR-2017-03 and KSC-CC-PR-20-09.

Interface language

Users can easily change the language of the search interface by choosing one of the three KSC official language options from the top right of the page. Please note that the interface language is the language displayed on the website page and not automatically the language of the records being searched for. Users select the language of the records being searched through the “language” field in the SEARCH CRITERIA, as specified below.

Language policy

The Law provides that the judges shall decide on the working language to be used in the proceedings in a given case. In all of the proceedings currently before the KSC, both the Specialist Prosecutor (prosecution) and Specialist Counsel (Defence) have agreed that the working language will be English. Therefore, the public court records for individual cases are posted as soon as they are made public in their original language, which is usually English. Translations into the other official languages are made available as soon as they have been completed by the Registry.

Search criteria explained

"Text Search": this text search functionality enables users to perform a free-text search in any of the three official languages of the KSC. To get results that contain two search terms, users can do one of the following: type quotation marks around the phrase, for example: "status conference" or type "and" between the words, for example "status” AND “conference". To get results that contain at least one term, the users should type "OR" between the search terms, for example "status” OR “conference".

Users can further filter the searches or the results by using different criteria, such as Accused/Suspect name, Case Number, and/or Language. If the user wants to see only the filings in one specific language, select that language, (for example “English”) and click on Search.

It is also possible to filter results by Record Type. This means you can browse particular types of filings like arrest warrants, motions, decisions or indictments. To do so click on the drop-down list under “Record Type”, select ‘Filing”, scroll down to “Filing type” and select the desired type of the filing.

Furthermore, the user can also filter the filings by Court level or the appropriate Rule or Article from the KSC Rules of Procedure and Evidence, KSC Rules of Procedure for the Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court or the Law, pursuant to which the particular filing was submitted.

Users only interested in finding transcripts of KSC hearings, can click on “Transcript” under “Record Type” and then click on Search. Please note that the public version of transcripts of KSC court proceedings/ hearings are uploaded onto the PCR as soon as possible after the hearing.

Search results can also be sorted by date or case number.