Thursday 8 February, 2024 18:45

Salih Mustafa: decision on potential conflict of interest re. appointment of Counsel

Having received the request by Venkateswari Alagendra in relation to her potential appointment as Counsel for Salih Mustafa, the Trial Panel in the Thaçi et al. case found today, 8 February, that a potential conflict of interest exists if she was to also represent Salih Mustafa, in addition to her appointment as counsel for Jakup Krasniqi. However, the Trial Panel emphasized that this decision should not be regarded as its view on whether Alagendra should be appointed as Mustafa’s counsel or not as these matters are decided by the Registrar.

More details can be found in the decision and here are our previous posts on the matter: 25/01/2024; 30/01/2024