Judge Nicolas Guillou (click to download)


Date of appointment: 7 February 2017


Judge Nicolas Guillou served as the Chef de Cabinet to the President of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (2015-2019). Previously, from 2012 onwards, he was appointed France’s Liaison Prosecutor at the US Department of Justice, where he facilitated judicial cooperation between the two countries in criminal and civil matters, especially in counterterrorism, foreign corrupt practices and cybercrime. Between 2006 and 2012, Judge Guillou held several positions in the French Ministry of Justice, as Deputy Head of the Commercial Law Section, as Adviser on Criminal Affairs and as Adviser on Diplomatic Affairs. Prior to that, from 2003 through 2006, Judge Guillou served as an Investigative Judge in the Court of Meaux, near Paris, where he handled a variety of criminal cases, such as murders, organized crime and financial crimes. Judge Guillou holds a Masters degree in International and European Criminal Law from Sorbonne University (France).

cases/functions at the KSC:

Pre-Trial Judge in the cases against Salih Mustafa, Gucati&Haradinaj, Thaçi et alPjetër Shala and Januzi&Bahtijari&H.Shala