Judge Romina Incutti (click to download)


Date of appointment: 22 september 2020


Judge Romina Incutti has been serving as a Judge at the Surveillance Court of Rome since 2018. She further served as a Legal Advisor of the Italian Embassy in Washington DC (2016-2018), as Legal Advisor of the Office of the Agent of the Italian Government before the European Court of Human Rights, as a Legal Advisor of the Service for Legal Affairs, Diplomatic Disputes and International Agreements (2012-2016), and as a Magistrate Advisor at the General Directorate of Criminal Justice in the Italian Ministry of Justice (2010-2012). Prior to that, Judge Incutti served as a Judge at the Criminal Court in Rome (1996-1997 and 2000-2010) and as a Public Prosecutor in Sicily (1997-2000).


Member of the Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court since 22 September 2020 (reserve judge). 

Member of different Constitutional Court panels seised with, inter alia, referrals filed by Thaçi, VeseliKrasniqi, the referrals by Shala (first; second; third) and the referral by Nasim Haradinaj