06 Nov 2017

As part of its mandate to ensure fair and secure proceedings, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers guarantees the fundamental rights of defence and victims. Defence and victims’ participation require...Read more

11 Oct 2017

On 10 October, Kosovo Specialist Chambers’ representatives held a consultative meeting with members of civil society in Kosovo. The meeting took place at the Documentation Centre in Kosovo in...Read more

11 Oct 2017

On 11 October 2017, the Coordinator of the Defence Office, Mr David Hein, and the Head of the Victims’ Participation Office, Ms Silke Studzinsky, met with the President of the Kosovo Bar...Read more

05 Jul 2017

As announced on 28 June by President Trendafilova, the Rules of Procedure and Evidence entered into force on 5 July. This marks the moment when the Kosovo Specialist Chambers became fully...Read more

28 Jun 2017

The Presiding Judge of the Specialist Chamber of the Constitutional Court, Judge Ann Power-Forde, has today pronounced the Judgment of the Court on the Referral of the revised rules of the Rules...Read more