"KSC At a Glance" provides information about the structure and mandate of the Specialist Chambers. It also specifies its milestones and lists the Court's key documents.








In the publication titled "Principals and Judges" there are more detailed information about the President and the Registrar of the Specialist Chambers, followed by the information on Judges including their names and photos.







More information on the Rules of Procedure and Evidence that entered into force on 5 July 2017 can be found in the publication "KSC Rules of Procedure and Evidence".








The factsheet “Victims’ participation at the KSC” explains modalities of victims' participation and representation in the KSC proceedings.








Among the most important rights, suspects and accused at the KSC have the right to Counsel. More details about the Defence at the KSC in the factsheet here.








The independent Office of the Ombudsperson provides an important safeguard for the human rights of individuals interacting with the KSC. The factsheet provides an overview of the main roles and functions of the Ombudsperson.







The Outreach Programme of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) aims to promote understanding of the KSC mandate and proceedings and foster dialogue about it. The factsheet provides detailed information about the Programme and its implementation.