The administration, servicing and other affiliated functions of the Specialist Chambers are ensured by the Registrar, who heads the Registry. The Registrar is one of three Principals of the Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor's Office.

The Registrar is the highest administrative authority within the court, as well as in charge of judicial support services, ensuring that all adequate legal and operational support is provided to the Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor's Office. The Registry comprises various support units: legal, court management, language services, victims protection and support, public information and communication, human resources, IT, budget and security. Furthermore, the Registrar is responsible for other functions necessary for the Specialist Chambers' proceedings: defence, victims participation, detention and Ombudsperson.  

The Registry’s Witness Protection and Support Office will ensure security arrangements and protective measures for witnesses, as ordered by the judges. Any threats, intimidations and breaches to protective measure orders may be prosecuted by the Specialist Prosecutor’s Office before the Specialist Chambers.

The Registrar is also in charge of the preparation and execution of the Specialist Chambers' budget in line with EU standards and financial regulations. In addition, she is responsible for relations with the diplomatic community, external coordination and implementation of the Specialist Chambers' communication policy.

The Registrar of the Specialist Chambers is Dr Fidelma Donlon.

Defence Office

The Law on Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office establishes the right for all accused before the Specialist Chambers to defend themselves through “Specialist Counsel”, a counsel eligible to practice before the Specialist Chambers. An accused has the right to have a Specialist Counsel assigned to them in any case where the interests of justice so require. The Defence Office will administer, on behalf of the Registrar, a list of Specialist Counsel. The Office will also administer a system of legal aid for representation of indigent or partially indigent accused. Information on how to be included in the list of Specialist Counsel will be published on this website in due course.

Victims Participation Office

The Law on Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutor’s Office details the victims’ personal interests and rights in judicial proceedings before the Specialist Chambers. The Law provides for the inclusion of a Victims Participation Office (VPO) into the Registry. The VPO will provide assistance and advice to victims who are participating in the criminal proceedings before the Specialist Chambers.

The VPO will administer the system of victims’ participation before the Specialist Chambers. In addition, the VPO will manage a list of counsel who are specialized and experienced as Victims’ Counsel, and a system to pay for victims’ representation.

Further information on the application process, the specific rights of victims participating in proceedings before the Specialist Chambers and the criteria for admission to the list of Victims’ Counsel will be published after the adoption of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.