All Detainees are provided with reasonable means of maintaining personal relationships. They may have visits, telephone calls, and written correspondence with close relatives and other family members and persons with whom they have a pre-existing personal relationship. Special care is taken to facilitate family visits using simplified visiting procedures.

To protect the health of Detainees and others and to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (‘COVID-19’) in the Detention Facilities, in-person visits with family members and other personal visitors in the Detention Facilities are temporarily restricted.

The Registrar has authorised video visits to provide Detainees with an additional means of maintaining family relationships while restrictions are in place limiting in-person visits. Please find more information on the procedure for video visits with close relatives here.

Close relatives are defined in the Rules of Detention as a spouse or partner, parent, child, grandchild, brother, sister (including half- or step-brothers and sisters), grandparent, and sons- and daughters-in-law.

Information for family members and other personal visitors, including information on applying for permission to visit and scheduling a visit during visiting hours, can be found in the Practice Direction on Visits and Communications and the Visiting Procedures for Family Members and Other Personal Visitors. Additional information can be found here:

Contact details


Mailing address:
Detention Management Unit, Pompstationsweg 32
2597 JW The Hague, Netherlands

Visiting address:
Pompstationsweg 32
2597 JW The Hague, Netherlands

Please note that the Detention Facilities do not have dedicated parking facilities for visitors. Parking is possible and free in the vicinity of the prison (PI Haaglanden), but visitors should take into account limited parking options. The Detention Facilities are easily accessible by public transport (HTM buses 22 and 23).

Consular representatives

Visiting information for consular representatives is set forth in the Practice Direction on Visits and Communications. The Chief Detention Officer will make arrangements with an approved representative as to the time and duration of consular visits. The procedure for video visits with consular representatives is located here.