The Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) is committed to providing accurate and transparent information about its mandate and public activities to people in Kosovo through interactive events where participants are able to ask questions and voice concerns.

Through frequent consultations with non-governmental and civil society organisations, information sessions with journalists and legal professionals, lectures with students, and roundtable discussions with various communities, the Outreach Programme disseminates timely information on the work of the court and fosters dialogue about it. Since 2018, the Outreach team has established a pace of approximately monthly visits to Kosovo in order to provide different audiences with information, listen to citizens’ views and respond to questions. 

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the KSC Outreach team introduced interactive online events, returning to in-person Outreach activities in Kosovo in August 2021.

As of January 2024, the KSC had conducted 156 Outreach events throughout Kosovo, reaching more than 3,500 participants directly.  

Television and other media are an important conduit for the Outreach programme to reach the wider public with information. To this end, the KSC produces informative video clips about the court, which are broadcast on Kosovo television in Albanian and Serbian and are accessible on the KSC YouTube Channel.

Since 2018, the KSC has conducted its Outreach activities in Kosovo with the generous support of Switzerland

In 2023, 23 Outreach meetings were held in Kosovo with journalists, law students, high school students, NGO representatives and citizens in local communities.

The KSC produced and broadcast a series of video clips addressing questions which citizens asked most frequently at Outreach events.


KSC Outreach Events – Overview   



More on some of our events 


In the first three months of 2023, 7 Outreach meetings were held in Kosovo with journalists, law students, high school students, NGO representatives and citizens in local communities.

The KSC produced and broadcast a series of video clips addressing questions which citizens asked most frequently at Outreach events.

29 December – KSC President hosted an Outreach event with journalists and civil society in Pristina; and a separate lecture/discussion with law students in Pristina.


24 March 2023 – Lecture and discussion with 40 law students attending different universities around Kosovo

15 & 23 March 2023 – Roundtables held with journalists in Pristina to provide an update on the proceedings and practical information for journalists following the trials

Feb. 2023 -Lecture with high school students in Pristina and roundtables with citizens from local communities outside Pristina and Peja/Peć


In 2022, the KSC Outreach team held 34 events in communities throughout Kosovo, including lectures, meetings and roundtables with students, journalists, lawyers, community leaders and citizens.

Nov. 2022 - Meetings with law students, journalists, civil society organisations and citizens held in Pristina, Shtrpce/Štrpce and Partesh/Parteš

Oct. 2022 – KSC President and Registrar welcomed NGO representatives from Kosovo and Serbia to The Hague to discuss public perceptions of the court and ideas for reaching as many people as possible with accurate and useful information about the court.

21 Sept. and 29 Jul. 2022 – KSC President hosts online Outreach events with civil society and journalists

21 Sept. 2022 – KSC President holds a lecture and discussion with law students from different parts of Kosovo in Pristina

Sept. 2022 – Meetings held with High School students in Prizren and local communities in Janjevë/Janjevo and Uglarë/Ugljare

June 14-16 2022 – Roundtables conducted with local communities in Pasjan/Pasjane and Ranillug/Ranilug; lectures with law students in Gjilan/Gnjilana and Prizren; and a meeting with lawyers working in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica

April 7-10 2022 – Outreach events with High School students from Obiliq/Obilić and NovoBerde/Novo Brdo, and with local communities in Kamenicë/Kamenica and Graçanica/Gračanica 

March 7-10 2022 – Lectures with High School and University students in North Mitrovica, Pristina and Peja/Peć, as well as local communities in Shillovë/Šilovo and Bostani/Bostane


In the course of 2021, the KSC hosted 26 Outreach events with audiences across Kosovo, both online and in-person.

The Outreach team continued to produce and broadcast informative clips about the Court on Kosovo television in Albanian and Serbian.

Sept. 2021 – KSC President and Registrar host an outreach event with civil society in Mitrovica

Sept. 2021 – KSC President and Registrar meet with civil society and journalists in Pristina


June 2021 – Specialist Prosecutor and KSC Registrar discuss future Outreach plans with the Court Information Network

May 2021 – KSC President and Registrar meet with a group of lawyers, students and NGO representatives from Pristina and Mitrovica

March 2021 - Roundtable with legal practitioners from Pristina and Prizren to provide updates on KSC’s public proceedings 

Feb. 2021 – Online University Lecture with law students from the University of Pristina


The Outreach team conducted 23 events gathering 480 people from all over Kosovo, including numerous journalists, students, and CSO representatives. Outreach events moved online in April 2020 in response to COVID-19.

Additionally, the KSC has broadcast informative clips about the Court 300 times on Kosovo television in Albanian and Serbian.

Dec. 2020 – Roundtable with Human Rights NGOs from Belgrade 

Nov. 2020 – Journalist roundtable to provide updates on KSC’s latest judicial developments 

Oct. 2020 – Series of online lectures with high school and university students in Pristina and Mitrovicë/Mitrovica

Oct. 2020 – KSC President and Registrar participate in a consultative meeting with NGOs from Kosovo and Serbia

June 2020 – Lecture with high school students from Pozharan/Požaranje 

Feb. 2020 – Lecture at the AUK American University of Pristina


780 people participated in 30 outreach events organised by the KSC in all districts of Kosovo, as well as in Belgrade.

Sept. 2019 – KSC representatives discuss the mandate and activities of the Court in Pristina, Kaçanik/Kačanik and the Gjilan/Gnjilane region

July 2019 – Second NGO workshop on Outreach in The Hague

Feb. 2019 – KSC Outreach Visit to Pristina, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica North and Grabovc/Grabovac

Jan. 2019 – KSC addresses members of the Serbian Bar Association


This year marked the launching of the KSC Outreach programme with the establishment of the Court Information Network. The KSC held 28 outreach activities, directly reaching 500 participants from Kosovo and Serbia. 

Nov. 2018 – Seminar for Kosovar journalists in Nuremberg, Germany

June 2018 – KSC establishes a Cout Information Network of 15 NGOs from Kosovo and Serbia

March 2018 – Panel discussion in Pristina by Deputy Registrar and Associate Legal Officer

March 2018 – KSC presents at the members' meeting of the NGO Kosovo Women's Network

2016- 2017

Shortly after the Court became operational in 2016, its senior officials and the newly constituted Outreach team reached out to numerous non-governmental and civil society organisations in Kosovo and Serbia in order to build a strong network of partners and draw up the KSC Outreach programme.

Nov. 2017 – President and Registrar hold information session with civil society in Pristina

May 2017 – KSC/SPO Principals present at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden Law School in The Hague 

April 2017 – Registrar Donlon attends the Justice Transparency Forum in Pristina

July/Oct. 2016 – Visit to Kosovo by Registrar Donlon and the Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit

April 2016 – First consultation meetings with civil society in Kosovo by the Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit