The aim of the KSC Outreach Programme is to increase knowledge and awareness about the work of the Specialist Chambers. Through frequent consultations with organisations, information sessions with journalists, lectures with students and roundtable discussions, the Outreach Programme disseminates timely information on the work of the KSC and fosters dialogue about it. Specific important topics and procedures e.g. Defence and Victims' Participation are explained in the KSC factsheets. By active engagement and communication with Kosovo non-governmental and other civil society organisations as well as various communities, the KSC aims to counteract some of the communication challenges associated with managing relocated proceedings. Supported by a generous grant over two years provided by the Swiss Government, KSC in 2018 substantially strengthened its activities and presence in Kosovo. The objective is to foster direct communication with Kosovo society through an information network reaching out to civil society, youth, legal professionals, media and others.

Since March 2018, KSC representatives in cooperation with partnering non-governmental organisations have held 57 events in Kosovo, reaching 1,500 participants directly.  


Selected outreach events

Feb. 2020 KSC Outreach in Pristina and the regions of Gjilan/Gnjilane and Peja/Peć
Nov. 2019 KSC Outreach in Prizren, Pristina, Graçanicë/Gračanica and Caglavica/Čaglavica
Oct. 2019 KSC Outreach in Pristina and Mitrovicë/Mitrovica
Sept. 2019 KSC representatives discuss the mandate and activities of the Court in Pristina, Kaçanik/Kačanik and the Gjilan/Gnjilane region
Aug. 2019 KSC Outreach and Victims’ Participation Office visit Kosovo
July 2019 Second NGO workshop on Outreach in The Hague
June 2019 Delegation of Brazilian Judges visits KSC
June 2019 KSC representatives and legal experts engage with stakeholders around Kosovo
April 2019 A week of diverse activities in Kosovo with information about the KSC
Feb. 2019 KSC Outreach Visit to Pristina, Mitrovicë/Mitrovica North and Grabovc/Grabovac
Jan. 2019 KSC addresses members of the Serbian Bar Association
Dec. 2018 KSC meets with Kosovar journalists, law students and youth to inform about the mandate and activities of the Court
Nov. 2018 Seminar for Kosovar journalists in Nuremberg, Germany
Oct. 2018 KSC Ombudsperson visits Kosovo
Sept. 2018 KSC Outreach visit to Belgrade, Serbia
Sept. 2018 KSC representatives conduct Outreach throughout Kosovo
July 2018 Outreach events with journalists, civil society and community representatives
June 2018 KSC establishes a Cout Information Network of 15 NGOs from Kosovo and Serbia
April 2018 KSC discussion with law students and civil society in Prizren
April 2018 Panel discussion with journalists in Pristina
April 2018 Consultations with NGOs and Civil Society Organisations in Peja/Peć
March 2018 Panel discussion in Pristina by Deputy Registrar and Associate Legal Officer
March 2018 KSC consults with civil society organisations in Mitrovicë/Mitrovica
March 2018 KSC presents at the members' meeting of the NGO Kosovo Women's Network
Feb. 2018 Consultation meetings in Kosovo by the Public Information and Communication Unit, the Defence Office and the Victims' Participation Office
Dec. 2017 KSC presents to journalists from the Balkans during the "Euro-Atlantic integration of the Western Balkans" Forum in The Hague
Nov. 2017 President and Registrar hold information session with civil society in Pristina
Oct. 2017 KSC senior staff conducts Outreach in Pristina
May 2017 Consultation meetings with the civil society by the Outreach Coordinator
May 2017 KSC/SPO Principals present at the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies of Leiden Law School in The Hague 
May 2017 A group of Kosovo NGOs visits the KSC premises in The Hague
April 2017 Registrar Donlon attends the Justice Transparency Forum in Pristina
Jan. 2017 Consultation meetings with civil society in Kosovo by the Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit
July/Oct. 2016 Visit to Kosovo by Registrar Donlon and the Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit
April 2016 First consultation meetings with civil society in Kosovo by the Head of the Public Information and Communication Unit