The Kosovo Specialist Chambers welcomes visitors who would like to attend public hearings from the gallery of the courtroom.

Private visitors can attend a public hearing without announcing their visit. However, the public gallery has limited space and once all seats are taken, no more visitors will be allowed in the public gallery. Outside of times of public hearings, individual visitors can only visit by joining a group visit upon request (please find more information about group visits here).

Journalists who would like to attend a hearing or press conference and/or use the media room are kindly requested to get accreditation and announce their visit. Please contact the Public Information team either via email on or via phone under +31 (0)6 249 21 036. The same number is also reachable on Viber. Please find more information on and for media here.

The times and dates of public hearings will be published on the KSC website.

Please note that children under the age of 16 are not permitted in KSC premises unless it is an organised visit that is approved beforehand by the KSC.

Arrival and Registration:

Journalists, groups or private persons who would like to attend public hearings are kindly requested to use the front entrance to the KSC premises located on Raamweg.

Upon arrival at the KSC, all visitors must show a valid photo identification at the security reception to be granted access to the premises.

Before entering the premises and again before entering the public gallery, all visitors will be subject to security checks, including passage through a metal detector. Any individual refusing these security checks will be denied entry.