General conduct inside the KSC building:

  • The Kosovo Specialist Chambers is a court of law and as such, visitors to the building are required to comply with the rules of conduct. Visitors are obliged to comply with all instructions given by the security officers.  

  • Filming, audio recording or photography are not allowed inside the buildings of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.  Demonstrations, including through displaying signs, posters and/or flags, is strictly prohibited anywhere inside the building. Bringing food or beverages into the building is not allowed.

  • Although there is no formal dress code for visitors, we kindly ask visitors to dress appropriately. Persons wearing provocative clothing or displaying potentially disruptive or offensive insignia or images will not be allowed to enter the building.

  • Any visitor failing to adhere to the rules, failing to follow the instructions of security officers or otherwise engaging in inappropriate or disruptive behaviour may be removed from the premises by SSU Officers and may thereafter denied access.  

Conduct in the public gallery:

  • Everyone in the courtroom and in the public gallery will be asked to rise when the Court Clerk announces the Judges, and is expected to remain standing until the Judges have taken their seats. This procedure is repeated when the session adjourns. At all other times, visitors are requested to remain seated.

  • No food or drinks are allowed in the public gallery.

  • No devices with audio, video, information processing or recording capacity are permitted. This includes, but is not limited to, mobile telephones, cameras, laptops and smart watches. All electronic equipment must be left in the lockers available in the public waiting areas.

  • Displaying signs, posters and/or flags of any kind is strictly prohibited.

  • It is not allowed to point fingers or make gestures at anyone inside the courtroom.

  • It is not allowed to engage in any disruptive behaviour that may disturb the court sessions or other persons present in the public area.

  • Visitors are not allowed to read newspapers, books, journals, etc., and must sit on the chairs provided in the gallery. Sitting on steps or in the aisles is not allowed. 

  • If the court enters into private or closed session, visitors in the public gallery must remain silent, as proceedings are continuing inside the courtroom. The security officer may clear the public gallery in the event of a long private or closed session.

  • Visitors are obliged to comply with all instructions given by the security officers.


Please note that the Presiding Judge may order the removal of any person from the public gallery in the event of disruption. The Presiding Judge may order the personal search of any person present in the courtroom and in the public gallery if necessary for security reasons as well as for the proper administration of justice.