Since 2016, the KSC Visitors’ Program has provided students and other groups with the opportunity to visit the court. During such visits, representatives of the Specialist Chambers provide briefings about the mandate and proceedings of the court, followed by questions and discussion. If a hearing is ongoing, groups may have the opportunity to follow parts of it and if there is no hearing in progress, a short tour of the public gallery may be possible.

In addition to in-person visits, virtual “visits” through a video conferencing platform can also be organised.

Since 2016, over 1925 students and other visitors from over 93 universities and other institutions across the world have participated in the program.

How to organise a group visit

Groups of between 10 and 50 people can request a visit by contacting the Public Information Team at [email protected] at least four weeks in advance.

Individuals or groups of less than 10 people can ask to join another scheduled group visit. Please contact the Public Information team at [email protected] for information about scheduled visits and how you can participate.

Please find further information on rules of conduct, arrival and registration here and here.

The KSC can only facilitate a limited number of group visits per week and asks for your understanding in this regard.